Shine Academy Choir (Monday, 4:30pm)

Shine Academy choir is a youth choir with a difference.

Based at Dore in Sheffield Shine will teach you to sing out your favourite tracks and at the same time guide you through the fundamentals for maintaining vocal capability and strength.
We will guide you through pitch, rhythm, breathing, movement, articulation and so on.

We go through some fun vocal warm ups and we also have an on site choreographer for our choir moves and grooves.

At Shine our ethos is very much based on being fit to sing and we don't mean to athletic standard, just being moderately fit is a great start.

That is why we begin our classes with a mini funky workout.


Shine presents live show opportunities throughout the year supported by state of the art sound and lights.
This creates a great experience for all to get the feel of a professional environment and supports growth and confidence in an individual and comerade in the team.

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